Former US Secretary of State Collin Powell
"Cameroon is a place
of stability ........
we want to do everything we can to strengthen our relationship with Cameroon"
Former US Secretary of State Collin Powell

Kribi Cameroon port

"The Project with great ambitions"
Official launch
Some investors have expressed interest in the proposed port of Kribi

Feasibility studies conducted since 2005 on the proposed deepwater port were presented Thursday to investors in Kribi by the Minister of Economy, Planning (MINEPAT).
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Kribi Cameroon port
Activities of Kribi Port
Early studies before the construction phase began

Four companies were selected for this preparatory phase, whose representatives have explained each role to play in the ballroom of the urban community.
The project's deepwater port will require an area of 30,000 ha.

With a total cost estimated at 282 billion FCFA, the deepwater port of Kribi be advanced infrastructure on the west coast of Africa. It would mean building a complex partner.
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